About Me

I write about finance and technology for business and professional audiences. With a lifelong history of personal investing experience and financial commentary, my background includes:

  • insurance and finance
  • teaching
  • publishing
  • building and construction
  • applied technology

In addition to many current practical topics and applications, I look for stories of real change, evolution, and revolution. These forces move asset values and prices, as they reshape society and culture in general. It’s a dynamic world that makes for great stories and offers an endless supply of investment theses.

I work solo with clients and in-house teams or subcontract work from agencies. I also partner with awesome video and audio production pros for full-service media creation. My contracting is quick, my prices are fair, and deliveries are on time.

My work as a writer is letter-perfect, so all new content goes in clean and search-engine friendly. As an editor, I add value by subtracting errors and multiplying exposures with work that already exists in your content.

When not trading, reading, and writing — I love to snowboard, sing in the choir and the string-band, grow things and build things, and be with my family.



  1. Thank you so much for stopping by the Cow Pasture and welcome to the fence jumpers. @sheilamgood at Cow Pasture Chronicles


  2. Thank-you very much for visiting my blog and for the follow.

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    1. My pleasure, and thank you! I enjoyed the walk with you down the lane yesterday with the benefit of all your botanical, historical, and folk lore.

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      1. You’re very kind, thank-you.


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