Nozze at Toronto City Opera

via Nozze at Toronto City Opera


Cherubino sings for the Countess (aria: “Voi che sapete che cosa è amor” – “You ladies who know what love is, is it what I’m suffering from?”). Photo by Dahlia Katz.

Full disclosure: I am Cherubino’s father. Make that proud father! And there were several of us proud parents in the audience. Thanks and kudos to operaramblings for providing critical coverage where others seldom do. These hardworking young artists, dedicated amateurs and production principals deserve all the attention they can get. They really did put on a great show, taken altogether. We caught this Figaro twice, and last spring saw the The Magic Flute, produced with some of the same cast and crew as in Figaro. Granted, that’s a small sample size, but — imho — TCO just might be the best opera value in town. I’m sure La Traviata will be of the same high standard. It’s definitely on our calendar for the last week of March!

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