Word (for the Daughters of Gaia)

Just let it flow, don’t try to think it too far through;
go back later and chip away; whatever’s left is true.
You might have to lower the bar at first just a bit,
but that doesn’t mean what gets published in the end is shit.

The world and all the people who live in it
will give a steady stream of ideas you can fit
into a scheme of rhymes and rhythms or free verse;
things that make no sense already, you really can’t make worse.

The courage it takes to put it out there (the discourse)
is its own reward, not because it’s easy to nurse
a baby idea to its grave on the page but because it’s hard.
The sleeping, eating, working, breathing all resolves in the word.

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  1. Enda Soostar · · Reply

    Word. xo

    Enda Soostar, LL.M., CHRL
    Professor – Human Resources, School of Business
    Georgian College | One Georgian Drive | Barrie ON | L4M 3X9
    705.728.1968, ext. 1122 | GeorgianCollege.ca

    [Georgian College]

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