Why I Blog

I am a professional writer with a vanishingly small portfolio of clips and samples. This blog is my vanity press: I can publish whatever I write. As my blog builds over time, some of these posts may evolve into the wider world of commercial publishers and their readers, giving me both the practice and the credentials I need to be a serious player in the professional writing game.

Most of my experience in writing and publishing is in the editorial and teaching lines. That is to say, I do a lot of thinking, studying, learning, and writing about writing, but not that much actual writing. Well, that’s not altogether true: I have done a shit-ton of journal writing at times throughout my life. Almost nothing has ever been submitted for publication and, as you might expect, almost nothing has ever been published.

I’ve written poems. I’ve written short fiction. I’ve written critical articles. I’ve written stream-of-conscious psycho-babble. Trees have fallen unattended in forests. It is, so far, all of a piece.

As I progress, I want to speak to and hear from readers and writers dealing with social, political, and economic issues. History, both in fact and fiction, and writing for a living (or living for writing) are subjects I want to write and read about. Writing book reviews are a great tool for entrenching understanding and sharing a reading experience, and I propose to post a review here of every single book I ever read for the rest of my entire life.

I like a critical, even a satirical, point of view, generally speaking. But I am at the same time an emotional pushover, a total plush-toy softy for human- and animal-interest stories that show how closely we (all living things) are tied together on this beautiful blue orb arcing fractally through time and space. As a freelance writer, I enjoy the freedom to follow where I am led, and to lead where I feel our collective attention must go.

This blog is me, publishing me. Let the joy of making and sharing things crush the fear of fucking up. Thank you for reading. Let the pieces fall.


  1. I’m always overwhelmed of fucking up when writing. But someone once told me that writing is like a muscle. The more you flex it; the better you get. 🙂


  2. good luck on your blogging journey. hope you flex that writing muscle regularly.


  3. If pieces fall in the forest and no one hears them….


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